Kris Jenner: Taking Legal Action Against Rob Kardashian?!

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It's been almost a week since Rob Kardashian compared his sister Kim to the "b-tch from Gone Girl" on Instagram, and it looks like the warring siblings are no closer to making peace.

In fact, the feud between Rob and Kim seems to be escalating, with members of the K-clan choosing sides and drawing lines in the sand.

Yesterday, we learned that Scott Disick is team Rob, thanks to an Instagram post in which the Douche Lord pledged his allegiance to the sole male member of House Kardashian. (Their sigil is a giant butt and a camera crew.)

Now, it looks as though Kris Jenner will make it clear she's on Kim's side via some legal maneuvering designed to keep Rob from spilling the family secrets.

Kris Jenner Red Carpet Shot
Overweight Rob Kardashian

"Everyone knows that if Rob wrote a book, it would be an absolute goldmine," a source tells Radar Online.

"But Kris is willing to do whatever is needed to stop him and is prepared to fire off a cease and desist letter if she finds out that he is really going to start the process of doing this book.

"Kris does not want to have to do this to her son, but this book would be such a slap in the face and undoubtedly a bestseller."

Yes, the book is a surefire money-maker and Kris is still trying to stop it from happening. Obviously, Rob has some serious dirt on the rest of his family.

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