Kenya Moore: NeNe Leakes Has No Friends, Ruins People's Lives!

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NeNe Leakes is The Real Housewives of Atlanta primary pot-stirrer and one who frequently ruins people's lives, according to her co-star Kenya Moore.

“Historically speaking, NeNe has been the common denominator when it comes to dissension amongst us,” Moore writes in her latest Bravo blog.

“She has also ruined every single friendship she has had."

Kenya Moore, NeNe Leakes

Moore's shade throwing didn't stop there by any means.

"Dating back to Kim, Sheree, Marlo, Cynthia, and myself (to name a few)," Kenya writes. "Oh, sorry, I forgot ... now she claims we were never friends. Dust!”

Moore, who has said that NeNe is a ghetto, classless beast in the past, clearly is doubling down on that assessment with her latest blogging foray.

If you watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta online, you know NeNe claims she’s above petty drama, and often acts peeved that she's caught up in it.

She did hatch a plot to lure her Bravo co-stars to counseling in a recent episode, but even that seemingly nice gesture contained a negative component.

Leakes didn’t even bother inviting Moore, for one thing, despite their beef and NeNe's regular assertion that Kenya is the root of all evil, basically.

“I thought it was a joke coming from her,” Moore says.

“I was particularly offended when I wasn’t invited," she says, "but somehow I'm blamed for having the most issues with the women. Nice try NoNo!”

NoNo. Instead of NeNe. See what she did there?!

Moore does raise a valid point. Leakes appears pretty fed up with the drama sometimes, but is more than willing to throw down when it's convenient.

But when Claudia Jordan tells her what time it is, or people dish it back or dare to speak up against the Queen of the ATL in general?

Well damn, then it's just too much for her to take.

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