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Last night’s The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 7 Episode 11 saw the ladies of the ATL divided after Claudia and NeNe got into a heated confrontation.

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The two started beefing at one another over their careers, with NeNe Leakes insisting that Claudia Jordan is jealous because she can’t do what NeNe does.

“Oh yeah, that great clothing line,” Claudia snaps. “I don’t want to glue hair to my forehead, I don’t want to be a former stripper, repossessed cars…”

After NeNe disses her HSN dress, a.k.a. “some cheap s–t” with spaghetti straps, Claudia responds, “You should have a little less spaghetti in your diet.”

“Hollywood ain’t looking for you,” Leakes tells Jordan, who again shoots back in kind, “Well Atlanta is … and I think that’s why you’re so bothered."

Kandi Burruss sums it up well in her confessional, saying, “Honestly, I think Claudia said ev-e-ry-thing that anybody has ever thought about saying to NeNe."

Kenya apologizes to Demetria, since she’s reason why the group is in Puerto Rico, while Claudia also says she’s sorry for being the “ratchet friend.”

Still, “I had to tell that raggedy ass bitch what time it is,” she says.

Fortunately, while this feud raged, the battle between Demetria McKinney and Phaedra Parks ended theirs, as they talked it out and agreed to move on.

Soon enough on The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 7 Episode 11, Kandi throws another sex party on the beach, where all the truth comes out!

Or at least people pry, in hopes that some of it maybe will.

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Chiefly, Porsha Williams is grilled about her boyfriend, which according to the Atlanta celebrity gossip rumor mill is a wealthy, married African businessman.

Porsha admits that the distance has been tough on her.

Later, Kandi asks the ladies about things they say to their men during sex … and Porsha says that calling herself different names usually does the trick.

Kenya wonders whether "mistress" or "the other woman" count. It’s a fair question, and they’re not done, as the girls pass the Bedroom Kandi dildo around.

NeNe takes this opportunity to diss Claudia.

“I don’t think that a Bedroom Kandi dildo would work on a person that doesn’t have a clit,” Leakes says. “I think they need to have prosthetic surgery!”

It only got uglier from there on out.

The shuttled bus to Demetria’s performance is the ride from hell. “Say anything you want to say. The deal is, I’m on Broadway. And you’re at home,” NeNe says.

“For you to be on Broadway, I recognize what that is,” Claudia tells NeNe, but it goes both ways. “Recognize when other people are doing [their thing] too.”

NeNe tells Claudia that whatever she accomplished, she’ll never take that away from her, but Claudia reminds NeNe that she already did – now step off.

“I didn’t start with you,” Claudia says, putting her in her place. “I will finish… I just hope that you can give me that same respect. I’m far from a whore.”

Then the impossible happens.

“If I said anything as far as taking any accolades from you, I apologize to you for that,” NeNe says, and Porsha gives her major props for the apology.

“I don’t appreciate the double standards in this group,” Claudia Jordan tells Porsha, not appreciative of the fact that she was getting on her case earlier.

“I don’t like how you were [laughing] when she was calling me a whore …but I know for a fact that the guy who got you the car is a married African dude.”

Porsha denies this, but Claudia says, “We don’t want to get into how many times you’ve been to Africa sleeping with married men for bags, cars and shoes."

“I love a bag, a car and a shoe," Jordan says in one of the best lines you’ll hear when you watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta online this week.

"But I’m not going to put miles on my vagina to get it!”

Kenya Moore then backs Claudia’s claims, revealing that the paperwork for the car hilariously came to the home of Porsha’s ex-husband, Kordell Stewart.

“There you go, knocking my accomplishments. You’re such a contradictory!” Porsha tells Claudia in the quote of the night, perhaps of the entire season.