Kate Gosselin: Manhandling Son Months Before Child Abuse Allegations?

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Kate Gosselin‘s alleged abusive behavior, particularly toward her son Collin, has been going on for much longer than celebrity gossip readers might think.

The alleged Kate Gosselin child abuse pattern, which now 10-year-old Collin seems to be bearing the brunt of, dates back to 2010 or even earlier.

The controversial star was reportedly investigated by child services in Berks County, Pennsylvania, over these claims that were just recently lodged.

She was NOT held accountable, reprimanded or charged with any sort of crime, as investigators found insufficient evidence to take further action.

Still, the court documents don't paint a pretty picture of life in the Gosselin home.

According to insiders, she furious with her sextuplets, including sons Aaden and Joel and daughters Leah, Alexis, and Hannah, after the got off the bus.

Though the other children were involved, it seems she singled out Collin.

“The boy was shouting too loud, so Kate said ‘Shush!’ and put her hand over his mouth" aggressively, an eyewitness says of the disturbing scene.

Just a few months later, her ex-husband Jon Gosselin would file court documents accusing her of even harsher physical abuse of the young boys and girls.

Take what he says with a grain (or 1,000,000 grains) of salt, but ...

“While bathing Leah, Father found large red welt on her read end,” the document states. “Later explained that it was from Mother, after Leah bit Hannah."

While Collin gets it the worst, the docs state, "Several children have come forward to Father complaining that they get hurt when Mother spanks them.”

A tell-all book by Robert Hoffman makes even worse allegations yet.

Kate Gosselin is a greedy monster who had kids to be famous but had no patience when it came to children, or so the former tabloid reporter claims.

She never played with them, didn't help with schoolwork, and often hid from them, yet got easily enraged if they disobeyed her even minor infractions.

If they did, she unleashed "the spanker" until the child "happied up."

Such discipline was their "normal," but Kate  was so out of control in doling out punishments, the author alleges, she had to pray to God to help her stop.

The family dogs, Shoka and Nala, were also subjected to Kate's tirades and abuse, getting whomped by stick, a spoon, a tube or whatever else she had.

Sounds like a really nice house to live in, don't you think?

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