Kate Gosselin: Investigated By Child Services For Alleged Abuse of Collin!

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Kate Gosselin was recently the subject of an investigation by Child Services over the treatment of one of her 10-year-old sons, according to a new report.


The Kate Plus 8 and Celebrity Apprentice star's conduct was investigated by the Berks County Pennsylvania Department of Children & Youth Services.

An anonymous (yeah, right) tip alerted the office to her alleged abuse.

“Someone called and told them that Kate had been both physically and psychologically abusive to one of her sextuplets, Collin,” the shocking report says.

The source said that the controversial mom “seems to single him out.”

Ruling with an iron fist, or a wooden spoon if you will, is nothing out of the ordinary for Kate, though the insider says “she seems to always pick on Collin.”

Her ex-husband, Jon Gosselin, is reportedly aware of the situation.

He “wants to put a stop to it,” the source said, not that he can do much about it, given that he's unemployed and on the hook for a $1 million judgment.

Still, he's aware of it, and presumably not happy to say the least.

According to insiders, the other sextuplets, Aaden, Alexis, Hannah, Joel and Leah “see how Kate treats their brother like he’s an indentured servant.”

They have reportedly “cried to their dad about how poorly their mom treats Collin,” and while that's in dispute, some of the youngster's past issues aren't.

Kate revealed that Collin was kicked out of private school at least once before for what she called "divorce anger" issues, and has been a discipline problem.

The matriarch thusly “disciplines him more severely than his siblings ... he often eats meals alone,” a source tells celebrity gossip magazine In Touch.

Investigators must have determined that the abuse allegations were unfounded, as no action was ultimately taken against Kate. But Jon is concerned.

“The kids tell me they still get spanked, I know her rage,” Jon told In Touch. “She will do it in front of all the other kids to scare them into behaving."

"They have so much fear of their mother,” he said.

Do you believe these allegations, or that Jon has any credibility when it comes to questioning Kate's parenting? Would they be better off with him or her?

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