Kaley Cuoco: Check Out How NOT Pregnant I Am!

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Ever since Kaley Cuoco married Ryan Sweeting in late 2013, she's been very open about her desire to start a family.

In fact, before Kaley signed her $90 million contract for three more seasons of The Big Bang Theory, she reportedly warned producers that she plans on being pregnant during production.

So it comes as somewhat of a surprise that she's still not knocked up, 15 months after getting hitched. 

There have been rumors, of course, but Kaley put those to rest over the weekend with a pre-Kids Choice Awards Instagram collage:

Kaley Cuoco: NOT Pregnant

"I'm hoping to show the world how not pregnant I am with this crop top," Kaley captioned the above pic.

Mission accomplished, we guess. Although it's worth noting that the average Kids Choice viewer was more probably more interested in what slime is made out of than whether or not Kaley is pregnant.

Naturally, the lack of a bun in the oven has led to rumors of trouble between Kaley and Ryan, but if her Instagram is any indication (which of course it is), Mrs. Cuoco-Sweeting is as head-over-heels as she was when she married the dude after just three months of dating. 

If we had to guess, we would say Kaley's just holding off on having kids because she has enough on her plate these days. The woman's already got three dogs and an unemployed husband to take care. What more do you want from her?!

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