Justin Bieber on Instagram: I'm Not Fat!

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Does this Instagram photo make me look fat?

That's the question Justin Bieber had for followers after posting a recent picture to his social media account.

Although, to be honest, the singer already knew the answer.

Justin Bieber: I'm Not Fat!

"Great birthday and I'm not fat it's the angle," Bieber joked online after sharing the image not long after turning 21 years old.

There have been plenty of Justin Bieber shirtless photos around the Internet over the past couple years, of course, so it's pretty safe to say no one with two working pairs of eyeballs believes the superstar is overweight.

But Bieber is in a self-deprecating, humorous mood these days.

Nowhere is that more evident that in his Comedy Central Roast promos, one of which features Bieber getting egged and the other of which features Jeffrey Ross helping him parody his Calvin Klein underwear ad.

The Justin Bieber Roast airs on Comedy Central on Monday, March 30. Will you be tuning in for it?

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