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On Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 14, viewers learned a little more about Snow and David’s big secret, while Regina asked Pinocchio to help her find The Author.

Let’s be Charming first, shall we?

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It was revealed the week that with the Dark Curse looming many years ago, Maleficent and company pushed Snow and David to go with them to the Tree of Wisdom.

The couple didn’t get an answer to the question of how to defeat the spell because Snow was unaware she was pregnant. And Maleficent explained that the spawn of True Love has potential for serious darkness.

Later on, in private, Maleficent also told Snow that she’s a mother. Therefore, they must unite to stop the Dark Curse. You know, for the children.

But Snow turned down this offer because she did not to associate herself or her baby with such evil.

IN STORYBROOKE, Snow and David agreed that had to get Cruella and Ursula out o town “before anyone finds out what we did.”

So they followed these villains  and found a box they stole from Belle in their car. They must be trying to resurrect Maleficent!

Intent on destroying her remains, the Charmings end up in a trap, whereby the two Queens used their blood to bring their enemy back to life. And she is very angry at them. To say the least!

Snow and David vow to tell Emma the truth about their long-ago secret… but then chicken out.

What is this secret? Snow ends up telling Regina as a way to convince her to to undercover with the Queens of Darkness to learn their plan and to protect Emma from her potential for darkness.

“Because of us,” Snow says. “Maleficent lost her child.”


  • After fails to provide intel about the Author, Geppetto gives Regina the saddlebag from August’s motorcycle. At the end of the hour, we witness Henry discovering inside it a drawing of a doorway with a Post-It that reads "Author?"
  • Rumplestiltskin saw Belle kiss Will Scarlett and slinked away, depressed.

What did you think of this episode? How do you think the Charmings contributed to Maleficent losing her child? And what is the history between Hook and Ursula? 

Ponder these questions and many more and then go watch Once Upon a Time online if you need to catch up.

NOTE: Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 15 will be titled "Enter the Dragon" and air Sunday, March 15.