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The friendship between Justin Bieber and Floyd Mayweather is one of the strangest things in sports.

The Biebs comforted Money’s kids after they were shaken up in a car accident last year, and now Bieber and Mayweather get pedicures together, because that’s just how the celebrity world works.

On May 2, Mayweather will square off against longtime rival Manny Pacquiao in the most anticipated fight of the year. As usual, Justin will be by his side, just like he was at the Pacquiao-Mayweather press conference held yesterday.

They’re an unstoppable duo, besties til the end…just don’t call Justin a "sidekick," or your face might come in contact with the right hook Floyd taught him:

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We kid. Justin actually handles this cameraman’s annoying attempt at banter pretty admirably.

2015 is the year of the kinder, gentler Justin, which sadly means that Bieber’s Comedy Central Roast won’t be as entertaining as it could be.

We were kinda hoping Justin would lose his cool and tackle some D-list comic on stage. 

It’s sad, in a way. Justin is only 21, but it looks like he’s putting his wild days behind him.

Bieber used to punch paparazzi for fun, now he laughs it off when some TMZ cameraman basically calls him the Boy Wonder. To make matters worse, Justin tells the guy to "have an awesome night" as he gets in his limo.

We miss douche bag Bieber already.