Kim Kardashian: Botox and Other Beauty Secrets Revealed?

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Last month, we learned the secrets of Kim Kardashian's beauty regimen from Kim herself.

Naturally, there were lots of expensive products, but ultimately, it didn't sound all that different from the daily routines of millions of non-famous women.

Of course, some folks pointed out that Kim looks very different from when she first gained fame over a decade ago, and it ain't just her makeup that's changed.

Now, Us Weekly is claiming to have the inside info on Kim's altered appearance and the beauty secrets she won't talk about in interviews:

Kim Kardashian: Plastic Surgery Secrets

"She's had fillers all over her face," an insider tells the tabloid. "Nose, cheeks, and chin."

The source adds that Kim refuses to get any injections around her eyes as the result of a bad experience in 2012. "She didn't like it," the insider claims. "She avoids that area now." 

Of course, Kim Kardashian plastic surgery rumors have been circulating for years, and at this point, Kim's face is a little like the Kennedy assassination: everyone has a theory, and we'll probably never know the truth.

Many aren't satisfied by the "fillers" explanation, and it's widely believed that Kim has had more done to her face than just injections.

Just for a little side-by-side comparison (in case that Us cover doesn't make it clear enough), the photo on the left is Kim in 2006, the one on the right was taken this week:

Kim Kardashian in 2006
Kim Kardashian: Blonde and Big-Lipped

Obviously, Kim's blonde hair helps to highlight how dramatically different she looks these days, but gold locks aside, we think it's safe to say Mrs. West has undergone more than just a few Botox treatments.

Kim will probably continue to have work done as she ages, we just hope she doesn't take it to such an extreme that North doesn't recognize her mama.

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