Joseline Hernandez: Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta is So Fake!

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Joseline Hernandez of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta fame says she's keeping it real in a video deposition for a lawsuit filed against her ... just not on VH1.

Stevie J's non-wife just testified, under oath, that what you see when you watch Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta online may be great TV, but it's mostly acting.

Joseline Hernandez is being sued by former co-star Althea Eaton, Benzino's fiance, who claims Joseline was high on crack cocaine at the reunion show.

You know ... the one where she was wilding out like a maniac and beating people's asses to the point where even security couldn't take her down.

This was no run-of-the-mill quarrel, people. See below.

During the deposition, Althea's lawyer wanted to know if the "real" Joseline emerged during the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta reunion fight in question.

On the contrary, Hernandez says. S--t is all scripted.

Joseline may or may not have been channeling legitimate rage and unleashing her inner caged beast, but she's pretty blunt that the show is contrived.

Do you believe her? And does this help her case?

If you missed it ... watch the clip above. Joseline flips the f--k out on Benzino, his fiancée Althea, Debra, Tammy, Mimi Faust ... and everyone else.

Going by her comments above, and others like it regarding the genre (Dance Moms is fake too, we hear), we believe a lot of the "drama" is fake.

Still, can you honestly say this is acting or blame it on that?

Althea filed a police report against Joseline, claiming she started the epic melee, and that she assaulted her beyond the realm of any regular fight.

Would a script really call for her to do such a thing?

The NYPD opened a case file, although it's unclear if she will face criminal consequences. Althea, obviously, also filed a lawsuit against Joseline.

All we know is we can't wait for next season.

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