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Broadcasting legend and video game namesake John Madden has gifted the world with loads of unintentional humor over the years, such as the many, many times that he pointed out that teams need to score points in order to win football games.

Despite all the times Madden has made us laugh, however, it seems that he doesn’t totally understand comedy, as evidenced by his recent criticism of Will Ferrell.

You see, Ferrell likes to combine his love of comedy with his love of sports, and the result is usually pretty incredible. 

Last month, Ferrell hurled a basketball at a cheerleader’s face and the stunt was made no less hilarious by the revelation that he was filming a scene for a movie.

Yesterday, Ferrell played for ten different Major League Baseball teams in five different spring training games to raise money for cancer charities. For some reason, this royally pissed Madden off:

John Madden Slams Will Ferrell

Yes, Madden is bringing the same level of eloquence and insight to his criticism of Ferrell that he brought to his annual, poetic descriptions of the Thanksgiving turducken.

It’s not totally clear why Madden didn’t like Ferrell’s fundraising effort, but clarity has never really been Big John’s thing. Saying "boom" a lot – that’s more his thing. 

But hey, the good news is, spring is on its way, and you know what that means – more embarrassing first pitch fails!