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Will Ferrell hurled a basketball at the face of a cheerleader last night and was subsequently dragged away by arena security members.

The incident took place at halftime of the New Orleans Pelicans-Los Angeles Lakers game, as Smoothie King Center attendees looked on in shock.

But everyone can breathe easy now: the stunt was being filmed for a movie. Not that it makes it any less funny to watch…

Will Ferrell Throws Basketball at Cheerleader

The staged scene was shot for the upcoming film “Daddy’s Home,” which will also star Mark Wahlberg, Linda Cardellini and Hannibal Buress.

According to the official IMDB synopsis, the comedy will center on a divorced guy whose ex-wife re-marries someone way more uptight, prompting the guy to re-enter her life and wreaks havoc.

It’s unclear what this description has to do with smacking a cheerleader in the face with a basketball, but whatever. That above footage is hilarious!