Harrison Ford Plane Crash Memes Hit Twitter: Never Fly Solo!

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May the fores be with you! 

As you've probably heard, Harrison Ford crashed his plane into an LA golf course yesterday, and remarkably, the 72-year-old acting legend walked away with only minor injuries.

Since he wasn't seriously hurt, that means it's okay for the Internet to make fun of the situation, and make fun we shall!

Yes, Twitter busted out fresh memes yesterday faster than a WWII antique plane plummeting from the sky.

Some went for the obvious Millennium Falcon gags, while others got more creative and compared the ordeal to the weasel riding a woodpecker image that also set the web on fire yesterday.

In any event, the image of Ford being hauled off while frozen in carbonite is only funny because the actor is said to be recovering remarkably quickly.

Last year, Ford broke his leg and was back on the set of Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens weeks ahead of schedule. 

This all seems to indicate that unlike most actors, Harrison Ford is every bit as badass as the characters he portrays on screen.

If this dude walks away from one more major accident like it ain't no thang, he might have to start walking around carrying both an Indiana Jones whip and a Han Solo blaster, just to remind the world that he's basically the toughest mo' fo' on the planet.

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