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Pac-Man and Google Maps, arguably the two greatest inventions in the history of technology, have joined forces this April Fool’s Day, because obviously.

What does this mean? That you can play Pac-Man along any Google Maps route in the world! There may literally be no better way to waste time online …

Pac-Man Google Maps

It’s already April Fool’s Day in some parts of the world, so Google got an early jump on the April 1 festivities, which are as awesome as they sound.

When you dial up Google Maps‘ standard birds-eye view over where you are, you will now see the Pac-Man icon, familiar from the vintage arcade game.

Once you hit that Pac-Man button, the entire screen turns into a maze of dark roads, with cartoonish but dangerous ghosts trying to eat you for lunch.

All the while, you’re just a little yellow fellow trying to get where you’re going while gobbling up as many white blobs of energy (points?) as you can.

Makes for an interesting way to re-imagine your morning commute, no?

You don’t have to stick to where you are in the world, either. This fun feature can be experienced anywhere Google Maps will take you (sorry, Pyongyang).

Can you identify the Pac-Man global boards below? Take a look!