Amanda Knox: Receiving Death Threats in Wake of Overturned Conviction

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The FBI is investigating serious death threats against Amanda Knox in the wake of her conviction being overturned last week, according to media reports.

Just hours after an Italian court overturned Knox's murder conviction and cleared her once and for all in the death of Meredith Kercher, she's facing backlash.

Severely, at that. A family source told the newspaper FBI agents had launched a probe into death threats originating from Kercher's native Britain.

The source told the Sun (UK) that Knox, 27, knows who is threatening her and is concerned enough about this that she's being protected by bodyguards.

“We’ve been given reason to believe they have the ability to carry out threats,” the source said. “We know who it is and their address. The FBI is investigating."

“The vast majority of internet trolls harassing Amanda are British.”

Knox, who is from Seattle, lived under a dark cloud, and prison, for the better part of seven years after the death of her former roommate in Italy.

Kercher was discovered half-naked with her throat cut, and Knox was convicted of murder, then cleared and allowed to return home to the United States.

Prosecutors attempted to reinstate her conviction, however, until Knox’s agony ended Friday when Italy’s Supreme Court overturned it permanently.

The court found Knox and her one-time boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito innocent of the crime. Friday night, she spoke publicly regarding the matter.

Appearing before the media outside her mother’s home, Knox said, “Meredith was my friend and she deserved so much in this life. I am the lucky one.”

Death threats aside, Knox is planning to marry long-haired musician fiance Colin Sutherland, 27, and start a family, her attorney Anne Bremner said:

“They want to marry this summer and Amanda is keen to start a family so she can begin to put what has seemed like a never-ending nightmare behind her.”

Here's hoping the threats aren't serious and she gets the chance.

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