21 Child Actresses Who Grew Up To Be Hot: Hello, Hermione!

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Becoming a child star is like flipping a coin. There are only two ways it can turn out and there total opposites of one another.

You either turn into a washed-up tabloid trainwreck (See: Lindsay Lohan, any actor named Corey) or you blossom into an attractive, talented star who kicks ass well into adulthood (See: all the women in the list below).

Sure, it's depressing that Lindsay is facing jail time again, but the ruthless Hollywood machine that turned her into a child star way before it was psychologically healthy also gave us living embodiments of awesomeness like Natalie Portman and Emma Watson.

Of course, growing up to be good-looking and successful is no guarantee that you won't make the occasional tabloid headline. Kristen Stewart's love life is evidence of that.

But the world is an unfair place, and the entertainment industry has historically been far more likely to forgive and forget when sexy and/or talented people screw up.

So we made room on the list for the ladies who stumbled a bit but looked got more gorgeous every step of the way. Hey, we have Hollywood in our name, we're allowed to be shallow, right?

Anyway, check out the gallery above for a rundown of some early-blooming A-listers, as well as some high school crushes you may have forgotten about. 

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