19 Greatest Glee Performances in Show History: We'll Never Stop Believing!

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It's no longer a top-rated show. In fact, it's one of the least-watched shows on all of television.

But there was a time, not that long ago, when Glee was on top of the pop culture universe.

So, with Glee Season 6 coming to an end this Friday and with it, of course, the entire series, now feels like a proper time to pay homage to a truly ground-breaking program.

Glee made singing cool. It made being a nerd acceptable.

It often veered too far into the world of cheesy Public Service Announcements, especially in its later years, but no one can debate the show's originality.

It aimed to be more than just a TV show, trying to send messages on a weekly basis about drugs, drinking, homosexuality, bullying and many other important topics.

We'll take that any day over the uncreative, borderline racist nonsense of abysmal sitcoms such as 2 Broke Girls.

And Glee also dealt with a real-life tragedy when Cory Monteith died, providing the series with a certain tragic gravitas as it nears its conclusion.

Look for the musical comedy to pay homage to the late star on its series finale this Friday.

We salute you, Glee stars and Glee music, for giving television something it has never seen before - and we honor you via the above photo gallery.

Which of these 19 Glee performances was your favorite?

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