The Grammys: 25 GIFs of Love, Happyness, Celebration, and Kanye

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From the triumphant moments to the buzz-worthy performances and plenty of great scenes from the audience, the 2015 Grammy Awards ceremony had it all.

Here, we look back at 25 of the best moments in GIFs:

Sam Smith thanked his ex for inspiring him (weirdly, he didn't thank Tom Petty). Madonna twerked ... kinda ... ish ... then got twirled around by a Matador ... kinda ... ish.

Arianna Grande and Big Sean got all PDA-ish, John Legend and Chrissy Teigen danced in their seats, McCartney kinda danced in his, Jay Z and Beyonce hugged, Kim Kardashian looked confused, and Kanye ...

Well Kanye was Kanye.

Kanye showed up for the first time in six years and "pretended" to interrupt Beck. Program note: pretending to interrupt is the same thing as actually interrupting, Kanye. But we'll let it slide.

Kanye has famously never won a Grammy for album of the year, even though he all but demanded it in 2005, saying "If I don’t win Album of the Year, I’m really gonna have a problem with that."

Well, somehow that approach hasn't worked yet, and still the Grammys march on without feeling obligated to serve Kanye up with anything other than another performance opportunity, and an opportunity to run his mouth.

This year, Kanye insulted Beck, saying that he should've given the Album of the Year award to Beyonce, and insinuated that he and the other "real artists" are through "playing" with The Grammys.

Meanwhile, his confused muse, Kim Kardashian showed up in this dress, which was the closest thing to elegant about either of them.

Taylor Swift looked fierce, as did Rihanna and Paul McCartney. But the real story was Yeezus, and his entitled tirade after the show.

Was their a saving grace? Well, as always it was Beyonce with a moving gospel performance that closed the show.

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