The Bachelor Spoilers: Chris Soules, Winner Still Together ... or Already Broken Up?

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According to The Bachelor spoilers, Chris Soules' winner has been revealed this season. But are the two lovebirds still together or already broken up?

NOTE: It should go without saying, but in case it somehow didn't occur to you and you don't want to read The Bachelor spoilers for this season, stop.

STOP. Turn back. BACK!! Click on a link to another fun celebrity gossip article on THG and forget you ever saw this one. With that said, we move on ...


If you're unfamiliar with the unrivaled King of Bachelor Spoilers, Reality Steve, he has been spoiling the series for years, via his unnamed sources.

Those sources are good, too. He has been wrong before, but most likely he's not, and he doesn't just spoil the ending, but whole seasons in detail.

Not bad for a claim to quasi-fame, to which he's risen after doing his thing every year. And in 2015, he has done it once again with Chris Soules' season.

His "journey" for love supposedly ends with an engagement to ... drum roll please ... last chance to turn back before it's too late ... the lovely ...

Whitney Bischoff!

Yes, the 29-year-old blonde, baby-voiced beauty from Chicago, a registered nurse at Fertility Centers of Illinois, is the winner of Chris' final rose.

Spoilers say Whitney bests fellow hometown date recipients Becca Tilley, Jade Roper and Kaitlyn Bristowe to capture his heart and (sorry) Soules.

Of course, that's only half the battle on The Bachelor, or Bachelorette. As Andi Dorfman can attest, an engagement does not a lasting union make.

Right on cue, rumors have hit several celebrity gossip sites this week that Chris and his fiancee have already split up, ending their brief engagement.

One source even alleges that Chris moved on from Whitney Bischoff and got back together with his former fiancee, which would be a huge scandal.

But it isn't true.

From everything we've gathered, from The Bachelor spoilers posted by the aforementioned expert to intel from Chris' home state of Iowa, all is well.

Chris and Whitney are engaged, in love, and reports to the contrary are unsubstantiated, offering "zero proof of anything," according to insiders.

One Iowa source says Whitney is "already known and confirmed within his social circles”  and that his hometown is "openly buzzing” about her.

That's the benefit to living in Arlington, Iowa, we suppose. Beyond having a nice family farm and all. Not a lot of tabloid reporters snooping around.

As always, take The Bachelor spoilers with a boulder of salt, because nothing is official until you see the winner on the After the Final Rose special.

It ain't over 'til it's over, as they say, and as previous seasons have certainly shown. A big twist is very much still possible, and none of this is official.

We have been wrong before, and there is still time for the engagement to end - potentially - between now and the finale, expected to air in mid-March.

If we were a betting website, however, we would invest heavily in Whitney, as she and Chris have hit it off from the start, and for them to make it work.

Prince Farming is totally in this for the right reasons, and we get the impression he's gravitating toward the women he feels can say the very same.

Sorry Jade ...

UPDATE, 2/24: Over the past few weeks, Chris has been more than understanding regarding Jade Roper Playboy photos and Becca Tilley's virginity.

A couple of polar opposite reveals right there, but the one constant throughout his journey has been Whitney, who Chris even admits is the favorite.

We won't know until we know, obviously, but the odds of Soules and Bischoff being together and happy right now seem high, and getting even higher.

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