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No one ever said that having four wives was easy.

Or, to be more accurate, no one ever said that having one legal wife and three quasi wives was easy.

Just ask Kody Brown.

The Sister Wives

The Polygamist is only legally permitted to have one wife at a time, and he recently decided to make a switch within his unusual family.

According to TMZ insiders, the Sister Wives patriarch has divorced Meri (who he met prior to any of the other women on his show) and exchanged vows with the youngest cast member, Robyn.

Meri, however, remains very much in the picture. She’s just no longer Kody’s lead wife.

Why has Robyn now earned this distinction? Because Kody reportedly wants to bring Robyn’s kids into the family, where they’ll have more security.

It’s confusing. Go ahead and watch Sister Wives online to try and gain a better understanding… and be more grateful the next time you think your marriage is a mess.

Things could be a lot worse.