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Mama drama was off the chain on Love & Hip Hop Season 5 Episode 7.

In fact, that was the title of the VH1 reality show’s installment this week.

If you watch Love & Hip Hop online, you know this is true more often than not, but some new revelations made this episode even wilder than usual.

Watch Love & Hip Hop Season 5 Episode 7 Online
Watch Love & Hip Hop Season 5 Episode 7 Online

Rich Dollaz, for one, revealed that he and Jhonni Blaze used to fool around, and when he broke things off, she put his phone number on Twitter. 

Pretty much the ultimate post-breakup burn in this social media era.

Rich told Jhonni they were friends, but Jhonni said that they were never friends because “friends don’t f–k.” Truer words have never been spoken.

Also, friends don’t f–king see other people when "friends" go to jail. 

Fortunately, the two were able to clear the air, which is more than we can say for some of their other cohorts on Love & Hip Hop: New York.

Specifically, Diamond decided that even though she and Cisco split, she loved New York and wants to stay put. For her new romantic interest, Roc.

Cisco admits he still cares about Diamond and wanted to try to work things out with her, but Rich showed Cisco an Instagram photo of Diamond and Roc.

The online bombs just keep dropping on this motley hip hop crew.

When Cisco got pretty heated, Diamond reminded him that he cheated on her and got another woman pregnant, and that he’s basically a fraud.

The situation escalated quickly. Security had to break it up.

Amina and her sister, Sophie, talked about Peter Gunz‘s trip to Barbados with Tara. Amina told Sophie she was going to leave Peter … probably.

Peter told Amina he wanted to bring all the kids together as one big family. Amina agreed, but it didn’t exactly make life better between her and Peter.

While this was going on, Yandy invited Mendeecees’ mom, Judy, over to help figure out what to do about Samantha trying to take Lil’ Mendeecees.

Yandy also caught up with Tara, Claudine, and Lesha and announced her pregnancy, which amazingly wasn’t even the biggest issue of the night.

Mendeecees and his mom met Samantha and her mom, Kim, to settle their dispute, and talk about how Lil’ Mendeecees needs help with his homework.

The kid stutters, and Judy told them that maybe he stutters because he didn’t want to be there with them. Samantha asked Judy how old she was.

Judy’s response? Throwing a drink in Samantha’s face.

Kim came at Judy, while Samantha and Mendeecees talked outside after things settled down and agreed to take a beat and move on for their son.

A day in the life.