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WHERE is Olivia Pope? That was the question posed on Scandal Season 4 Episode 11.

On Scandal Season 4 Episode 12, however, the question morphed into this HOW MUCH for Olivia Pope?

Oh, yes, our favorite handler was on the auction block.

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With bidding set to begin at a ghost site (that only the true scum can access), Olivia assured Ian that she’d bring in more than the “insulting” $500 million he had suggested.

However, their handshake deal for him to get rid of the dirtier bidders came to a quick end when Gus – the “prison” guard Olivia bludgeoned during her escape – went ahead and shot Ian.

He thereby took control of the auction.

The CIA, meanwhile, was trying to come up with a plan to find and extract Liv – and, at the  OPA, Huck, Quinn and Jake strategized to get in on the bidding, using Huck’s $2 billion siphoned over the years from government agencies and Mama Pope’s unique brand of all-star terrorist “connections."

However, to “pay” Maya’s contact to snag her an invite to the ghost site, Huck had to snuff a few goons… which he did in a most violent manner.

Afterward, Jake was concerned about Huck’s well-bring, but Quinn shrugged it off because she knows better.

At the White House, Cyrus readied the paperwork necessary to fire Fitz’s shady Secret Service agents in order to replace them with SEALs. He was also aiming to fast-track Andrew’s resignation for, you know, “health reasons.”

The Vice President, though, threatened to take Fitz and his girlfriend-instigated war with him.

Fitz told Cy to prove the VEEP faked his assassination attempt, therefore starting the war himself. But when Andrew learned of this plan, he said he would expose Mellie’s affair with a traitor, to which FLOTUS told Fitz (in a quiet moment on the balcony) that this wouldn’t stand because what she wants most in the world is… wait for it…

To one day become President herself.

Elsewhere… Abby screamed at David for keeping Olivia’s kidnapping a secret, while the Attorney General shot back that she lacked the "right to know,"  to which Abs replied:

“Someone kidnapped my best friend! My only friend… And I didn’t even get chance to be her gladiator."

Huck and Quinn froze her out earlier, remember. David attempted to assure her that Liv’s not her “only friend,” but it was cold comfort. Too little, too late.

We end here: at OPA, Huck finally gets into the auction… but only just as all bidding is suspended. Back where Liv is being capive, Gus brags that he brokered a backroom, all-cash deal to move her to Iran.

As Fitz pushes Cyrus to do all he cab to thwart this trade – or the 43 soldiers who died in the West Angola conflict have done so in vein – a hooded Olivia is delivered to the roadside hand-off, the identity of her buyer kept secret for now,

But go watch Scandal online… Is Rowan in one of the tinted-window SUVs at the exchange scene?1?