Lady Gaga: Did She Buy Her Own Engagement Ring?

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As you've probably heard, Lady Gaga got engaged to Taylor Kinney on Valentine's Day after three years of dating.

Taylor is an actor on the NBC series Chicago Fire, so he's not exactly some unemployed shlub, but obviously Gaga is the one really bringing home (and wearing) the bacon in this relationship,

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So when the first photos of Gaga's engagement ring surfaced online, the immediate assumption was she paid for at least part of it herself.

Like we said, Taylor isn't broke, but the ring the Mother Monster is rocking these days features a 15-carat (!) heart-shaped stone.

It's practically one-of-a-kind, as an expert jeweler recently told Yahoo that "there are under 20 heart-shaped diamonds between 9 and 12 carats" in the world!

Lady Gaga Engagement Ring Pic

One appraiser says the central stone itself would cost over $500,000, meaning the entire ring likely sold for several times Taylor's annual salary.

While we're sure Gaga likes having a man who's an earner in his own right, we doubt she forced poor Taylor to take out a loan to buy a ring for one of the wealthiest women in music.

One source tells Us Weekly that while "Gaga was a major part of the process" of selecting the ring, Taylor paid for it by himself.

Sure, Gaga's known for her ego, but we have a hard time believing she'd pick out a seven-figure piece of bling for herself, then go wait in the car while Taylor applies for store credit. 

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