Kim Jong Un Haircut Defies Gravity, Comprehension

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North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un debuted a new haircut at some big political meeting on Wednesday, and let's just say the look is ... different.

The style is a variation on Kim's shaved sides, which have become his signature, go-to 'do since he took power, but with a hilarious, high-ass pompadour.

Oh, and the despot wasn't done. Hells to the no. The rotund communist shot-caller accessorized his new look with partially-shaven eyebrows. Eyebrows.

Look at how those things just stop. Bad ass, KJU.

Kim Jong Un Haircut

Without a doubt, Kim Jong Un's epic haircut raises a number of burning questions for any person who follows North Korea and/or saw The Interview.

Specifically, a few come to our minds:

  • How does one even describe this desired look to one's barber?
  • What would his eccentric buddy Dennis Rodman think of this?
  • Will Seth Rogen and James Flacco instantly copy the look?
  • Should Sony re-hire disgraced executive Amy Pascal, then fire her again for talking hella s--t about Kim in her first email back on the job?
  • Are the eyebrows kept at bay so that the head of state won't convey any emotions when he sits in on key meetings with rooms full of yes men?
  • Is Kim's hair meant to symbolize that his country is on the rise, literally and otherwise, and that it can't be contained by forces like gravity?

We may never know.

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