Kevin Gates Kicks Woman Out of Home For Refusing to Perform Oral Sex on Dog

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Last month, rapper Kevin Gates revealed that he has sex with his cousin in a series of Instagram videos that you really have to see to believe.

If you were afraid that Gates wouldn't be able to top that shocking admission, worry no longer.

Here he is talking about the time he kicked a woman out of his house for refusing to have oral sex with his dog:

Things start off innocently enough (kind of), and for a glorious second, you think this will just be another case of a douchey rapper bragging about one of his sexual conquests.

Savor that second, because you can never go back to the innocence you enjoyed before you listened to Kevin Gates talking about trying to get a woman to go down on his dog.

"'I'm not about to suck no dog's d-ck,'" Gates quotes the woman as saying. "That's a dog!"

Sounds like a pretty reasonable argument to us, but Gates was having none of it:

"What's your sh-t smell like sh-t for?" Gates replied in the witty rhetorical fashion for which he is known. "I don't get that."

In case you were wondering, "I don't get that" is apparently some sort of catchphrase for Gates.

Yes, the guy who's best known for having sex with a blood relative and attempting to convince women to fellate his dog apparently often finds himself confused by the actions of others. We don't get that.

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