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Bruce Jenner is squarely to blame for a four-car crash that left one person dead in Malibu, Calif., this month, according to video of the accident, reports TMZ.

Law enforcement officials are not commenting on the video, which has not been released to the public, but it reportedly shows Bruce clearly at fault.

The other three drivers reportedly did nothing wrong, and the two cars ahead of Jenner – a Lexus and a Prius ahead of that – were moving very slowly.

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It’s unclear whether they were accelerating or decelerating, but they were in the back of a line of cars stopped for a red light on the Pacific Coast Highway.

Police at the scene of the Bruce Jenner car crash were told by the Olympian that the Lexus driver suddenly slammed on her brakes without warning.

That, in turn, made it impossible for him to react in time to avoid impact. He may well think that’s true, but the video is said to show the Lexus barely moving.

On the contrary, the 65-year-old father of six is seen clearly inattentive, holding a cigarette with one hand and not aware of the traffic in front of him. 

Bruce was not texting and driving during the accident, but was following too closely, and by the time he realized his peril, it’s too late to avoid a collision.

Jenner’s Escalade hit the Lexus “violently,” sending it into upcoming traffic where a Hummer struck it just as violently, and head on, killing the Lexus driver.

The video of the accident shows Bruce traveling at a significant speed – clearly, given the severity of the crash – though this does not mean he was speeding.

Bruce’s car hit he Prius after the Lexus as well, although that was less severe. Bottom line: Bruce and Bruce alone caused the crash, but it was an accident.

A criminal charge is extremely unlikely given there were no traffic laws broken. Following too closely is tough to define, and something everyone does.

Bad driving is not enough for the police to take action in any sort of criminal proceeding, although the family of the victim may feel a lawsuit is warranted.

As for whether his sex change hormones played a role in the crash, that is unclear, though we’ve heard this will not slow down his upcoming reality show.