Jon Gosselin: Slapped With $1 MILLION Judgment By Former Employer!

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Jon Gosselin was just served with a staggering $1 million judgment after he failed to respond to a lawsuit against him by a company he used to work for.

Here's hoping Kate Gosselin is feeling generous when he calls to tell her he can't afford anything for the kids ... that is if his phone is even still in service.

Getting Smoked

After being fired from Jon and Kate Plus 8, and divorcing his then reverse-mulleted wife, Jon went on to procure and lose a number of working class jobs.

One of which was with Securus, a company that sells electronic payment processing systems to merchants (it attaches to iPhones to accept credit cards).

In his position as sales manager, Jon was supposed to be traveling around convincing businesses to use product. Securus says he did quite the opposite.

According to the company, Jon was shrewdly (or not so shrewdly) telling merchants to abandon the company in favor of a competitor he was working for.

Securus sued Jon Gosselin, and he didn't respond to the lawsuit, at which point a judge entered a default judgment against him - for over $1 million.

BOTTOM LINE: If someone pays you to sell their product, don't cut side deals with a competitor to help them sabotage at product, then get caught.

BOTTOM LINE #2: If someone sues you over such a move, it's probably worth your while to retain counsel and not flat out ignore the legal action.

A million dollars may not be a financial death knell for many celebrities, but in Jon's case, it about a million more than he has to his name at this point.

No word on how Securus plans on collecting here. They had better be hoping his new DJ career (we could not make up such a thing) takes off quickly.

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