Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel: Fighting on Recent Babymoon Trip?

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Just last week, Justin Timberlake confirmed Jessica Biel's pregnancy, and while the birth announcement warmed fans' hearts and left us all looking forward to the arrival of a physically flawless baby with some killer dance moves, it seems that not everything in Justica land is as perfect as it seems:

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Timberlake and Biel hit the slopes in Montana to celebrate their big news, but witnesses claim they're behavior toward one another was chillier than the weather.

"There seemed to be some tension between them," says one onlooker. "They were not talking at all. Justin was on his phone the entire time, looking down."

Yes, fellow skiers say that Justin and Jess ate their dinner in complete silence.

Naturally, given the dozens of past rumors about Timberlake cheating on Biel, many are speculating that Justin is back to his old, adulterous ways, but thus far, there's no evidence of infidelity. 

Our theory: Jessica is just pissed that Justin took to her ski resort while she's pregnant. What, did he think suntan lotion would harm the baby?

We kid, of course.

The news that Timberlake and Biel are expecting their first child was insanely well-received online, and for good reason.

Fans have been rooting for these two since they started dating, so naturally, when we hear they're exchanging silent treatments at dinner, we hope it's just one of those married couple spats that was later resolved with some poppin' and lockin' rhythmic make-up sex.

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