Fifty Shades of Buscemi Trailer: Christian Grey WHO?!

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This Fifty Shades of Grey parody starring Steve Buscemi is going viral, and for good reason, as we would probably rather watch this than the actual movie.

Okay, we take that back ... we would absolutely rather watch this.

Especially given the terrible Fifty Shades of Grey reviews we've read thus far ... but mostly for the simple reason that Jamie Dornan is replaced by Steve Buscemi.

Watch 50 Shades of Buscemi in all its hilarious glory below:

The clip begins like the real Fifty Shades of Grey trailers, with Dakota Johnson as Anastasia musing about or going to meet her love interest Christian Grey.

Here, however, the 57-year-old Buscemi takes his place.

Who knew the stud muffin had it in him. With clips showing his body of work (and pretty much his entire body), Steve proves a worthy BDSM stand-in.

The star of HBO's Boardwalk Empire and classic movies like Fargo, The Big Lebowski and Mr. Deeds is seamlessly inserted into the trailer instead of Dornan.

Speaking of insertion, Buscemi is getting it in pretty graphically at one point, and there is also plenty of blood involved, so consider this your NSFW warning.

And eat your heart out, Christian.

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