Fifty Shades of Grey: Worst Movie EVER, Says Aussie Critic! Watch Her Hilarious Review Now!

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The long-anticipated Fifty Shades of Grey movie finally opens this weekend, and though we doubt any critic alive could deter fans of the book from flocking to their local theaters, there's still been intense interest in the film's reviews.

So far, the response has been decidedly...meh. The film currently holds a 38% rating on aggregator site Rotten Tomatoes, indicating that the majority of critics think you're better off saving your $10.50.

But while the critical community has reacted to Fifty Shades with a collective shoulder shrug, one Australian morning show host has a very strong opinion of the big-budget S&M romp:

It's the worst movie ever!!!

Daaaayum! Tell us what you really think, Lisa Wilkinson.

While Wilkinson refers to the film as "domestic violence dressed up as erotica," it seems she's not just aligning herself with the Fifty Shades boycott movement because of the anti-feminist content of the film. Nope...she really thinks it just sucks as a movie.

We've heard before that Fifty Shades' sex scenes just aren't sexy, and that Dakota Johnson had to be dragged in for re-shoots on more than one occasion. 

This could have to do with the reports that Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson hate each other and have all the chemistry of oil and water on screen.

Whatever the case, if critics continue to go all Comic Book Guy on Fifty Shades, don't be surprised if it winds up winning more Razzies than a Tyler Perry/Adam Sandler collaboration. 

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