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Bruce Jenner has run down many roads. He’s been an Olympian, he’s been a reality TV dad, and he’s been the biggest celebrity in history to undergo a gender transformation.

Now he’s reportedly planning an auto-biography to dish on all of it.

As you’ve probably heard by now, Bruce Jenner is already planning a sex change docu-series chronicling the entirety of his sexual reassignment surgery.

But once that is complete, the 65-year-old is also planning a book that "will cover his entire life, not just his transition and sex change."

A source close to Jenner says that the would-be author is waiting till every aspect of his surgery, including hormone therapy and recovery, is over. Then he’ll start the book.

There is no publisher yet, however, as everyone is waiting to see what will happen after the upcoming Diane Sawyer interview.

Whoever ends up with the book, it will not be Bruce’s first stint as an author. Among his other books are the titles:

  • Bruce Jenner’s Guide to the Olympics
  • Bruce Jenner’s The Athletic Body: A Complete Fitness Guide for Teenagers – Sports, Strength, Health, Agility (Yup, that’s really the title.)

In any case, Jenner is looking to cash in on his amazing story (if Bruce’s daughters shut up about it and stop the details from leaking before he’s ready).

Soon there will be few media avenues he hasn’t exploited.

Perhaps we can even expect an expository cameo in an upcoming Kanye release. He is Kanye’s father-in-law, after all. And god knows that would count as "artistry."