Brian Williams to be Fired From NBC?

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Last week, Brian Williams was suspended from the NBC Nightly News following a series of embarrassing revelations about an embellished story regarding his time in Iraq that the esteemed anchor had been repeating for over a decade.

In the wake of that scandal, several media outlets reported other allegations of Williams' exaggerations and misrepresentations, including an accusation that he had lied about being embedded with SEAL Team 6 in the months before the assassination of Osama bin Laden.

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Many have suggested that the six-month suspension is simply a stop-gap solution designed to allow the worst of the storm to blow over quietly, and provide NBC an opportunity to seek out a replacement for Williams.

Of course, Williams is under contract, and NBC would likely be forced to shell out big bucks should the network decide to part ways with him, but considering the gravity of his situation, they might consider an eight-figure settlement to be well worth the price.

The New York Post is reporting that Williams has already lawyered up with the same attorney who represented former Today anchor Ann Curry in her ugly battle with NBC.

Sources claim several network execs wanted to fire Williams right off the bat, citing the morals clause in his contract as grounds for termination.

They reportedly settled on the suspension as a compromise, but 30 Rock insiders claim top brass at NBC are still calling for Williams' head. 

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