American Idol Season 14 Episode 11: Group Day Drama

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Group round continues on American Idol Season 14 Episode 11! The judges are separating the men from the crybabies in hopes that we'll arrive at the best Top 24 we've ever seen. 

That's not likely to happen since we've been doing this for FOURTEEN YEARS now, but hey, it'll probably be better than the crop from the Nicki-Mariah season so there's that.

Here's hoping no one faints tonight.

American Idol Season 14 Episode 11 Group Round

Harry says they look at group round as how the contestants get back up when they get knocked down, so the takeaway there is that they're expecting people to suck. 

Good to know.

Alexis gets the all clear from the paramedics and Sal's Gals take the stage once again. Sal starts the number off and then Alexis comes in with a bit of a park and bark. Then everyone sings in unison and Jax, up until this point incredibly talented, gets a little weird. That weirdness might work out for her though since at least two members of the group didn't stand out at all.

Alexis and Kelly step forward. Kelly steps back. Jax steps forward. Alexis and Jax are moving on. Single mom Kelly, Sal, and that other girl whose name no one knows go home.

Emily Brooke has food poisoning. She's been vomiting, but thankfully the producers aren't showing us that this year. Her group members are freaking a little and retooling their number in case she can't perform. But she DOES perform and her group sounds great when they sing "With a Little Help From My Friends." They're all moving on to the next round.

The next group taking the stage, Boulevard, all went to college together at Belmont University. Cody Fry kicks off their Kelly Clarkson number and Rayvon Owen takes the next part. The girls come in on the chorus and Piper Jones definitely does a park and bark. Rayvon takes a risk with a note he's never hit and just barely makes it. But he makes it. 

They were Harry's favorite group of the day and all four of them are headed on to another round.

Team Yep is one girl and three guys and they are just terrible together so they're all going home. One of the guys says he's a solo artist and it's unfair to force them into groups when he knows he's not a group singer. AGREED, dude whose name I don't know.

The next group, an all girls group, is full of giant personalities, one of whom says it doesn't matter how they sound as a group. What matters is how they sound as individuals. Point, missed. Adanna Duru kicks them off. Cindy Maslov, Denise Natoli, and Camille Peruto also kick in with "I Want You Back." Keith says Vital Signs should have picked a song that played to their strengths.

Cindy and Adanna move on. Denise and Camille go home.

Daniel, Qaasim, Trevor, and Savion names themselves LKYCO, for Ladies Keep Your Clothes On (Please). These boys are great together, but Savion's the standout, at least until Trevor starts beatboxing. Daniel is a little out of his element, but he's just so damn cute I want to pinch him.

Jennifer delivers the news that all of them are moving forward to the next solo round. GOOD CALL, judges! Good call.

Hollywood Anderson made the rounds macking on the ladies instead of sleeping or practicing, so his group is pretty frustrated with him. Team No Sleep kicks him out of the captain's seat and Laurel takes over and starts bossing her group members around. 

Up on the stage, Loren Lott and Alexis Gomez are leaving it all on the stage. So is Quintin Alexander. They'll all live to sing another day.

Team No Sleep, however, is a little scared. Hollywood starts them off and Laurel Taunton botches her part. Amber Kelechi seems pretty solid but, like Keith says, it wasn't too cohesive. Hollywood and Monica, a beatboxer, move on, but Laurel doesn't and then she blames it on her group members not wanting it enough. 

Lovey James, Jess Lamb, Kory Wheeler, and Carla Davis remix a doowop version of Megan Trainor's "All About That Bass." Harry looks perplexed and slightly on the verge of vomiting. Keith calls them exceptional singers before asking Kory and Carla to step forward so he can send them home. 

Team Rocky's Crew still don't have their performance down. Rocky and Richard don't work well together. Tanya Mackenna looks amazing and sounds great. Rocky has a voice like butter. The trouble is they picked a song with about five lyrics. When the judges ask who picked the song, Rocky points to Richard as the culprit. Jennifer sends Tanya on and the boys home.

Poor Rocky. 

DRAMA! Heatherle Spires tried to quit her group after getting her feels hurt by Adrianna Simon. That was a dumb move because these girls are great together on "Grenade." Sarina-Joi Crowe, an Idol veteran, definitely emotes as she sings. Heatherle gets cut while her groupmates move on.

Mark Andrew, Vanessa Andrea, Katherine Winston, and Alex Shier sound pretty fantastic together and seem to have gelled tremendously during their rehearsals. Alex, Mark, and Katherine move on. Vanessa's going home.

For the 3849th time tonight, a group is singing "Grenade." Maddie Walker's probably the only one whose face I recognize. She makes it through, along with two other members of her group.

As the day draws to a close in Hollywood, Garrett's girls take the stage. Garrett Miles is great and the girls look like they have a good time singing with him. Somehow, the girls go on and Garrett goes home. Or maybe the girls didn't make it either. That was a really confusing judges' decision.

To close the night, the Violent Vixens get ready to take the stage, but one of them misses the bus from the hotel to the theatre. She arrives in time to sing and they sing "Somebody To Love." Glee bells are ringing in my head. Joey Cook, the squeezebox player, forgets her lyrics and then riffs her way right back into the song. Shannon Berthiaume just lets it blow when it's her turn to sing. Naomi Tatsuoka hits a great high note. The girl in purple is sort of a wet blanket. 

They're all making it.

Tomorrow night those who remain will head into another round of solo auditions and we'll be here recapping it all.

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