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Marisa Miller is feeling very blue these days.

Is she sad? Nope. The gorgeous model is expecting a boy!!!

Miller tells People that she’s “so excited” to welcome another male into the family alongside husband Griffin Guess, as the couple is expecting their next addition in late spring.

Marisa Miller Baby Bump

“It will be awesome for Gavin to have a buddy,” Miller says of her two-year old son. “I never had brothers so raising a boy has been awesome. Gavin is so funny and I get to be silly all day with him.”

Miller adds that she kicked off her latest pregnant with a lot of nausea (“I could only handle eating bagels,” she says), but she’s now back to eating well.

“I’m feeing great!,” she says, explaining that she’s eating clean and doing Pilates three days a week.

How is she feeling overall about the pending child?

“I’m too busy having fun with Gavin to worry,” she says. “I’m a little nervous about the newborn stage and how sleep deprived you get, but more than anything, I just feel so blessed to have a healthy baby and pregnancy so far.”

Marisa Miller Baby Bump