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On Vanderpump Rules Season 3 Episode 12, the rift between Stassi Schroeder and … well, everyone else on the show widened and tensions boiled over.

What sparked this implosion of relations between Stassi and the rest of the cast? What decision was Katie Maloney faced with and how did she respond?

Find out the answer to that, as well as who went out on a date with Vail and how Kristen Doute tried to sabotage Tom Sandoval, in THG’s recap below!

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When Vanderpump Rules Season 3 Episode 12 got underway, the bad blood and (one-sided) feud between Stassi and Katie was already simmering.

Meeting up with her for a talk about issues that matter only to her, Stassi feels Katie should cut Jax and Kristen off after they betrayed Stassi in the past.

Stassi also hates Scheana Marie with a passion, so the fact that Katie went to her bachelorette party weekend in Miami didn’t sit well with her either.

Katie says that because she’s dating Tom Schwartz, who is friends with Jax, Kristen, and the rest of the SUR staff, she’s going to be in their social circle.

No one’s telling Stassi she’s wrong to be bitter at Kristen or Jax, but putting her friend Katie in a position to choose between her and Tom is a little much.

But, if you watch Vanderpump Rules online, you know Stassi only sees things from perspective, and soon enough, Katie stormed off and left her in tears.

Is this once-tight friendship over for good? For Katie, that was never the intention, but she loves Tom, and Stassi is basically forcing this drama on her.

Speaking of Jax, he went on a lunch date with Carmen – are he and Tiffany are on the rocks over the San Diego debacle? – and tried to win her back.

According to Jax Taylor, Carmen is the best lay he’s ever had, but she wasn’t thinking about sex as much as he was (that would be tough) this week.

For now, she’s playing hard to get (or just not into him), but Jax has a way of weaseling his way into people’s pants (as John Walters can likely attest).

Vail Bloom didn’t let Jax hit it in Miami, thankfully, and now that the gag is back in L.A., it appears manager Peter Madrigal is making his own move on her.

He invited Vail out for coffee, then tried turning it into a dinner date and executed his plan with the opposite of smoothness. It was awkward to the max.

Peter, apparently, has also dated Katie and Stassi … at the same time. Just when you think this crew could not get any more incestuous, you thought wrong.

Finally, there was Kristen Doute and her plot to RUIN Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix as a couple by EXPOSING his alleged cheating in Miami.

The previous trip to Miami, not the one we just saw. Kristen’s trying to make contact with the girl in question, and it looks like she may have succeeded.

Next week’s previews certainly imply that Tom gets confronted over this supposed transgression, which should guarantee fireworks one way or the other …