Top Chef Season 12 Episode 11 Recap: Sous Your Daddy?!

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On Wednesday's dramatic Top Chef Season 12 Episode 11, the contestants were thrown a couple of curveballs as the fight to the culinary finish continued.

Family played a big role this week ... bigger than anyone could've guessed.

The remaining contenders were stunned to reunite with their loved ones, and then even more surprised when they learned the reason for this reunion:

Their relatives were set to play a role in deciding one of the tasks!

The Elimination Challenge on Top Chef Season 12 Episode 11 actually found the family members being the ones who handled the chefs' food items.

Chefs could only give instructions. The families did the work!

How did this unusual twist - with a trip to the Top Chef finale on the line - work out for the ones skilled, talented and lucky enough to make it this far?!

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