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Where is Olivia Pope? That question was answered on Scandal Season 4 Episode 10.

But why was Olivia Pope taken hostage? What do her captors want?

That answer is provided in the following trailer for Scandal Season 4 Episode 11, which is titled "Where’s the Black Lady?" and which features only Olivia talking.

She’s saying some seriously disturbing stuff…

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With Olivia still missing next Thursday night, look for the Gladiators to together to do whatever it takes to find her and get her home safely.

What might that entail? How many bodies might fall in their wake? And have you ever seen our heroine looking as disheveled as she looks in the promo above?

Amazing. And frightening.

Catch up below when you watch Scandal online and prepare for all the craziness sure to come next week…

The Hollywood Gossip
Watch Scandal Season 4 Episode 10 Online

Then, hearken back in time with the cast of this amazing ABC drama…