Nikki Ferrell: Juan Pablo Galavis Made Me "7th Priority"

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Juan Pablo Galavis never made Nikki Ferrell his top priority, The Bachelor winner said last night on the red carpet before the live Season 19 premiere.

Host Chris Harrison gushed, as always, that this season “will be unlike anything we have ever seen before," and it was quite literally true Monday.

Not because of what transpires (see The Bachelor spoilers for that) for Chris Soules, but last year's final rose recipient shading its leading man?

That's exactly what we saw at the onset of the three-hour (!?) premiere, with Nikki Ferrell answering questions about the demise of her fairy tale.

Nikki Ferrell and Chris Harrison

Ferrell reported that she’s “doing really great" and is "really happy” since they broke up, and that the couple's relationship was widely “misunderstood."

"We weren’t able to express ourselves, mostly him, in a way that I wanted it to be expressed,” she said. “I wanted everyone to be happy for me.”

Everyone understood that pretty well, no?

“I tried really hard and he tried, too. I’m a nurse in Kansas City and he lives in Miami and he’s in the entertainment industry. It was really hard for me to fit into that."

“I knew I was never going to be the #1 priority. He has a daughter. But there’s a difference between being the second priority and the seventh priority.”

“It’s not from a lack of trying on either side,” she said, trying to sound diplomatic. "At the end of the day we gave it a go, but we’re just two different people.”

Ferrell repeated that she found it hard to date in the public eye and had a tough time with people's hurtful comments online, which begs the question:

What did you expect when you signed up!?

She seemed turned off by it last year, on Couples Therapy last summer (yes, she went on with Juan Pablo) and on The Bachelor Season 19 premiere.

In any case, Harrison ended the interview by telling Nikki and her eye-popping cleavage, “I’m glad you’re back as part of The Bachelor family."

Juan Pablo? Not invited, evidently.

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