Evelyn Ruark: Michelle Duggar's Sister is Broke, Receives No Help From Famous Family

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Last week, the world learned of Michelle Duggar's lesbian sister Evelyn Ruark.

We still know very little about Michelle and Evelyn's shared past, but as you might guess, the sisters have very little contact with one another, as Michelle does not approve of Evelyn's "choice of lifestyle."

Evelyn has mainly refrained from speaking with the press about her famous (and famously fundamentalist) sister, but we now that the two are on such bad terms with one another that Michelle was unwilling to delve into her multi-million dollar fortune to provide Evelyn with a much needed bail-out:

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Ruark filed for chapter 7 bankruptcy in 2007, and reportedly remains mired in deep debt.

At the time of her filing, Evelyn was earning just over $800 a month working for a property management company. She claimed just $2,240 in personal property, and her debts totaled $44, 597.

Ruark had only $50 in a checking account that she shared with her longtime partner.

It is not known if Evelyn has ever asked the Duggars for financial help, but it would be virtually impossible for Michelle to not be aware of her sister's profound financial difficulties.

Michelle and her husband Jim Bob are clearly in a position to help Evelyn out, and not doing so flies in the face of the Christian beliefs they hold so dear, so what gives?

Many believe that the Duggars, who so often boast of their "family" values, have refused to offer her assistance because of their anti-gay agenda.

The family's homophobia goes beyond the standard fundamentalist belief that homosexuality is a sin, as they have gone to great lengths to make life more difficult for the LGBT community.

They have done this through political maneuvering, direct and indirect.

Michelle and Jim Bob were recently successful in their efforts to help overturn an anti-discrimination law that sought to guarantee equal employment and housing rights to gays.

Their son Josh Duggar has spoken openly about his desire to help gays change their "lifestyle."

Needless to say, the Duggars remain firm in their belief that homosexuality is not only a sin, but a blight on society, and it seems their hatred of Evelyn Ruark's sexual orientation far outweighs their love for family.

Don't expect them to apologize for it, either. Watch 19 Kids and Counting online to catch more of the Duggars' controversial belief system.

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