Lady Gaga Gets Huge Tattoo, Flashes Naked Butt on Instagram: You Gotta See This!

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Lady Gaga got herself a new tattoo yesterday, and in typical Lady Gaga fashion, she posted a photo of the process in which two things stood out:

  1. The tattoo in question was a GIANT Monster Paw.
  2. She is wearing no pants, because obviously.

The purported "Monster Paw" looks to resemble a human-looking hand with some seriously scary claws, as created by tattoo artist Eric Gonzalez.

Lady Gaga at SAGs

A pro's pro, he kept his focus despite the Gaga's bare arse. That's dedication to one's craft, because those curves could start a Body Revolution.

It's unclear how or why one ends up wearing no pants despite keeping one's wig, makeup and heels on throughout, but that's Lady Gaga for you.

It's also the best of all her tattoos, she said this morning.

"My favorite tattoo is the one I got last night in Hamburg," she revealed in a Reddit AMA question and answer session today. "Its the Monster Paw."

"The symbol of my fans as they have held their paws high in the crowd every night since we became a community. I cherish it for its meaning."

To Gaga, it's always been about the Little Monsters, and all "the loyalty, devotion, and strength we share. I wanted it engraved on me forever."

Mission accomplished, and then some. Very nicely done by the pop star, who may or may not have married Taylor Kinney quietly in the last few weeks.

Gaga also has "Little Monsters" inscribed on the inside of her wrist, along with a bunch of other tattoos, but interestingly, only on one side of her body.

"My father asked that I remain on one side slightly normal. So I only have my tattoos on my left side," she revealed last year during a chat at Google.

"He's asked I don't have any more on my right side," she said of the unusual tattoo request she granted. "I think he sees that as my Marilyn Monroe side."

See how Gaga's latest ranks among these other crazy celebrity tattoos:

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