Johnny Depp and Amber Heard: Still Together and Going Strong!

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Following Johnny Depp's drunk speech at the Hollywood Film Awards, there were reports that the iconic actor was on the outs with fiancee Amber Heard as a result of his heavy drinking.

Sources claimed that Depp's drinking was driving Heard away and that the couple was on the verge of announcing the end of their engagement.

So attendees at Saturday's Art of Elysium fundraiser were likely surprised to see Depp and Heard not only walking the red carpet together but also making out when they thought no one was looking.

Johnny Depp, Amber Heard Red Carpet Pic

Needless to say, the breakup rumors have been put to rest, but one big question remains: Did Heard convinceĀ the famously hard-partying to Depp to give up the bottle?

There have been reports of Depp traveling with a sober companion in order to help him resist the urge to drink.

Johnny didn't have his no-booze-buddy in tow at the Elysium gala, but witnesses say the actor did not imbibe during the event's star-studded cocktail hour.

In fact, Depp was spotted sucking on an e-cig, anĀ indication that he may have even kicked his decades-long cigarette addiction.

Or maybe it was just Johnny's way of enjoying some nicotine without stepping outside and subjecting himself to unwanted paparazzi attention.

Either way, it seems Depp and Heard are back on for now. Looks like the wedding may take place as planned...except now it'll probably be a dry occasion.

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