Johnny Depp Quits Drinking, Travels With "Sober Companion," Source Claims

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It looks like Captain Jack Sparrow will be sailing the seven seas stone sober from now on.

Following Johnny Depp's drunk speech at the Hollywood Film Awards back in November, there was much hand-wringing over the 51-year-old actor's perceived drinking problem.

There was even talk that his fiancee, Amber Heard, planned to leave Depp if he didn't quit drinking.

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We may never know if Heard did, in fact, issue Depp an ultimatum, or if he simply recognized the need for change himself, but whatever the reason, Depp has reportedly put the plug in the jug and sworn off booze for good.

"After realizing that he clearly had an issue, Johnny has been seen traveling with a companion to encourage his sobriety," an insider tells Radar Online. "Johnny's problem has always been moderation. He couldn't have just one."

Depp missed the recent premiere for Into The Woods, reportedly because he was participating in a sort of in-home rehab program.

"His absence from Into The Woods raised a lot of questions," the source says, adding that producers permitted Johnny to bow out of all promotional obligations in order to focus on detoxing.

Depp's been sober for long stretches of time in the past, and Vanessa Paradis - the mother of his two children - blames Heard for Depp's return to drinking.

"Amber broke his sobriety," says the source. "But she isn't necessarily a bad influence. She isn't a party girl anymore."

It seems unlikely, of course, that Heard was the sole cause for the screen legend's decision to pick up the bottle again.

Depp's booze-fueled relationship Kate Moss became the stuff of Hollywood legend in the early 90s and help craft the actor's rebel persona.

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