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Friday’s Hawaii Five-0 Season 5 Episode 11 saw Kono and Chin going undercover, delving into the world of black market art after a tourist was killed.

Unwittingly transporting a stolen Van Gogh can lead to that, we’re told. But what did our heroes uncover, and what else went down on the hit CBS show?

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Hawaii Five-0 Season 5 Episode 11 kicked off with a family arriving in Hawaii for a vacation, and the father killed as he answers the door to his room.

His carry-on bag is then stolen. McGarret learns that the father of the family has not had a job for a long time, making the family trip to Hawaii suspicious.

The team believes the shooter was actually responsible for putting a stolen painting in the father of the family’s bag and then shooting him to reclaim it.

The team also discovers that the stolen work is a Vincent van Gogh painting. Kono and Chen must go under cover in order to catch the art seller.

While working the op, Jerry shows up and nearly blows their cover.

Kono and Chen attend a private party as art buyers, but the art show turns out to be a stage heist, and Jerry manages to save the day for the team.

It is ultimately revealed that Nicole was the real mastermind behind stealing all the paintings, which she sought to return to their real owners for a bounty.

Meanwhile, Kamekona is upset that he was entered into a cook off against a famous chef, but ends up using an old unorthodox method from his prison days.

How did he do, and what else went down on the islands this week?

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