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On Duck Dynasty Season 7 Episode 6, fans were treated to the gang creating a real life math problem for Sadie to solve. It was as ridiculous as it sounds.

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The amazing title of Duck Dynasty Season 7 Episode 6? "Mo Math, Mo Problems."

With a name like that, it was hard to go wrong for the Duck Commander crew.

This installment of the A&E hit found Willie struggling to assist Sadie Robertson with her homework like he always has, because frankly it’s just too hard.

Algebra 2? Even for a big deal businessman guy like the Boss Hog, that’s way over his head (even if he did pass with straight Ds, as he proudly boasts).

The question was along the lines of which vehicle would win a race in which one traveled 15 mph and the other 30 mph, with the former getting a 20-second head start.

If you watch Duck Dynasty online, you know the gang never misses an opportunity to make things much more complicated (and entertaining) than necessary.

The result? Getting in their trucks to reenact this very math problem, and filming the entire process so Sadie Robertson could kiss up to the teacher as well!

As Willie said, earning those brownie points is really half the battle here.

Naturally, this being Willie, Si and Jase Robertson, this hilarious experiment quickly devolved into old arguments, sibling rivalry and general absurdity.

Sadie may have had better luck hiring a personal math tutor, in retrospect.

Soon enough, they were trying to answer not just her homework question, but a time-honored, age old debate over whether Jase can outrun a truck.

Can he? We know he’s always up for a competition, but winning one is a different story. Remember the Highland Games? Or the Outhouse Race? Or …

Is it too late for Sadie to ask Korie, Missy and Jess for help instead?

Meanwhile, Kay and Phil agreed to a contract in which he would get out of going to birthday parties in exchange for not harassing her about her hoarding.

Who got the better end of that bargain? Did they get it in writing? And did the terms end up being what either party was looking for at the beginning?

Follow the link above to watch and see, Duck Nation!