Claudia Jordan: Kordell Stewart is in the Friend Zone!

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Claudia Jordan is not trying to move in on Porsha Williams' ex-husband, despite what you just saw if you watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta online.

Claudia Jordan and Kordell Stewart

That's not to say the show was misleading - Kordell Stewart certainly appeared interested in her - but Claudia says they are just friends. Period.

Jordan and Stewart shared some quality screen time together on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, along with Kenya Moore and Peter Thomas.

It was all business and friendship, though. Nary a hint of romance.

"When folks on social media were getting angry for me 'going after' another woman’s ex, I had to laugh!" Jordan says of last Sunday's episode.

"NEWSFLASH: We are all someone’s ex! And it’s not like I was chopping it up with a married man or anything tacky. Kordell is a friend, that is that."

"Besides, if you have been watching how I move on this show, I have tried to play nice with all the ladies on this show until they have shunned or disrespected me."

"Being new to this group, I’m not going to intentionally create more animosity than there already is. Real talk. I need my days to be less stressful, not more!"

"Taking a selfie is not sexual activity or inappropriate behavior. Be clear - my mother did a great job of teaching me the difference between right and wrong."

"But once again," the new cast member adds, "the double standards of right and wrong in this group never cease to amaze me! Selfie versus side piecing?"

"Umm, I’ll take a million selfies before I go out like that!”

“I am happy to report Kordell has never called my phone late night breathing hard and has been a complete gentleman around me when I have run into him.”

“He has also chosen to not speak negatively of his ex in my presence despite the awful allegations made about him, and for that he has my respect.”

So Kordell Stewart has never once booty called Claudia Jordan OR talked smack about Porsha Williams? Sounds like a standup guy as well as QB.

As for her claim that she keeps it cool until she has reason to throw down ... the beef between Claudia Jordan and NeNe Leakes beef suggests the latter.

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