Chrissy Teigen SLAMS Katie Cassidy Over Erin Andrews Criticism: Shut Up and Get a Job!

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Following yesterday's NFC Championship game in which the Seattle Seahawks pulled off a thrilling overtime victory over the Green Bay Packers, Fox correspondent Erin Andrews received major backlash for what many considered to be an incompetent post-game interview with Seattle QB Russell Wilson.

Esteemed New York Times columnist Richard Sandomir tweeted, "Russell Wilson threw FOUR INTs and the game-winning TD, Fox's Erin Andrews asked about neither fact."

The criticism didn't stop there, and it got personal once Arrow and Gossip Girl actress Katie Cassidy entered the fray.

Andrews is dating Jaret Stoll of the LA Kings, who happens to be Cassidy's ex-boyfriend. So perhaps it's not surprising that Cassidy seized the opportunity to criticize Andrews, tweeting, "Seriously, why isn't she doing her job?"

Andrews and Chrissy Teigen are BFFs from way back, and the supermodel has never been one to shy away from online conflicts, so naturally, Chrissy rushed to her friend's defense in epic fashion:

Katie Cassidy at the Golden Globes

"JOB [noun]: the work a person does regularly to make money," Chrissy tweeted in a reply to Katie. "Alt: what Erin Andrews has. 2nd alt: what you don't have. Bye!"

Cassidy didn't bother pointing out that she's a regular on a network series. Instead she attempted to quietly back out of the tweet beef.

Chrissy, of course, was having none of that, and the following exchange occurred:

Cassidy: "@christineteigen @erinandrews God bless."

Teigen: "Didn't sneeze, but thank you."

Cassidy: "No, but God should bless her"

Teigen: "oh so now we're being holy"

Cassidy: "we always have been. welcome to the party!"

Teigen: "Own it, I'll take you seriously when you don't simultaneously talk sh-t and preach the gospel."

It goes on that way, and Cassidy maintains that she's "not talking sh-t" but considers it "interesting that Chrissy took it that way.

We'll probably never see a public resolution to this war of words, but it's interesting that just one week after the Chrissy Teigen crying face went viral, the supermodel has once again captured the Internet's attention.

Say what you will about her obvious love of talking smack, the girl clearly gives her followers what they want!

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