Chris Soules: Engaged to a Virgin on The Bachelor?!

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Is The Bachelor star Chris Soules engaged to a virgin? It's been strongly implied that one makes it all the way to the Fantasy Suite, but was she THE one?

Chris Soules' Girls

Beware, before you read this article any further, you can read The Bachelor spoilers to find out who supposedly makes it to Chris' final four this season. 

We're not naming names here ... but do we EVER name them on that page!

Oh, and some or all of the ladies above may or may not be in the top four.

Just saying. How's that for being cryptic. Gotta keep it interesting on THG.

Okay, now. The virgin who makes it to the Fantasy Suite apparently made for a "pretty dramatic” episode (as did the beauty with a Playboy past).

Yes, Chris Soules' top four includes both! Safe to say Prince Farming doesn't have a type ... except All-American and hot, which is all you need, really.

The 33-year-old Iowa farmer was reportedly impressed with her status, stating that he thinks her choice to remain abstinent until marriage is “honorable.”   

“It was pretty dramatic," Soules said of this sexual rookie. "There were still other girls in the mix and it was unclear if she was going to be ‘the one.'”

So which of the final three ladies is the infamous virgin?

Interestingly, one woman has publicly said she's a virgin so far: Ashley I., a freelance journalist who looks a little like Kim Kardashian minus the badonkadonk.

SPOILER ALERT: Ashley is NOT among the top four!

So there are two virgins, minimum, on Season 19 of The Bachelor. Expect producers to play up this angle like never before ... or at least like Sean Lowe's season.

Will the chaste one capture Soules' heart? If Chris gets his freak on in a tent with one of her competitors, as the season preview implies, how will she react?

Only time will tell. See if you can guess who she is by clicking through the list of cast members below, and hit the comments with all your theories!

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