Adorable Boy Will Never "Let It Go," Dances Up a Happy Storm

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Frozen may have come out well over a year ago, but one adorable little boy refuses to "Let It Go."

In a new viral video, the toddler is playing with a doll that resembles THG Celebrity of the Year #6, Princess Elsa.

Once the facsimile of this iconic Disney character breaks into the movie's Oscar-winning single, the boy breaks into a happy dance that is guaranteed to put a smile on your face:

Right?!? Does it get any more precious?!?

Okay, maybe it does. Like when a dad and his daughter also break into a Frozen duet.

Or when a dog is awoken by his slumber once "Let It Go" comes on the radio.

Love it, hate it or have become totally and insanely sick of it, you can't really argue about the impact on America this one song has had. Need a few more examples? 

We've got em!

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