11 Artists Who Just Can't "Let It Go"

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At this point, who has NOT covered "Let It Go?" Watch this videos now.

1. Arnold Schwarzenegger Covers "Let It Go"

Arnold Schwarzenegger sort of covers "Let It Go" in this Jimmy Fallon bit. But he definitely ruins it forever.

2. Cat Interferes with "Let It Go" Rendition

This young woman is trying to perform to "Let It Go." But her cat is having none of it!

3. Kat Perkins - Let It Go (The Voice)

Kat Perkins wows the coaches and the crowd with her take on Demi Lovato's "Let It Go."

4. Marines Sing "Let It Go"

How cool is this?!? Watch a bunch of Marines sing "Let It Go" from the smash hit Frozen.

5. Let It Go Cover Features 21 Disney Character Voices

This is an incredible video of a man covering "Let It Go." He uses the voices of 21 different Disney characters.

6. Majesty Rose - "Let It Go"

Majesty Rose goes with "Let It Go" for American Idol movie night. She hopes not to be frozen in the Top 11.

7. Idina Menzel - "Let It Go"

Idina Menzel performs "Let It Go" from Frozen during the 2014 Academy Awards. What an amazing show!

8. Pearl Jam Covers Let It Go

Pearl Jam - yes, Pearl Jam! - rocks out here to "Let It Go." Never thought we'd see the day.

9. Father Gets REALLY INTO "Let It Go"

Are you sick of "Let It Go?" This father clearly is not. Watch him belt out the Frozen smash now.

10. Best Man Sings Covers Frozen for Epic Wedding Toast

Best wedding toast ever? Watch Joey Boyes bring it home with his own personal version of "Let It Go."

11. Kristen Wiig and Ellen DeGeneres Sing "Let It Go"

We love Kristen Wiig so much. Watch her and Ellen DeGeneres team up for "Let It Go" in this show lip.

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